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My name is Isabella Yosuico, founding president of MightyLytes. I'd like to tell you a little bit about us.

History & Inspiration

I originally developed MightyLytes after my youngest son Isaac was born in 2010 with Down syndrome to help treat his hypotonia--poor muscle tone and weakness, common to many conditions.  I whipped up that first little pair in my basement using an old scrap of fleece and my kids' sandbox sand. 

MightyLytes Reach

Little did I know MightyLytes would eventually be used for everything from PT and OT for a range of challenges to gentle weight training and fitness for people of all ages. Today, MightyLytes are used in some of nation's leading hospitals and in homes worldwide. Because MightyLytes are low-profile and waterproof, kids with various special needs, seniors, young athletes, and others use them for gentle strength building, sensory input, controlling tremors, toe-walking and other challenges.


What Makes Us Special

Aside from our special backstory, what makes MightyLytes unique is that they're waterproof, lightweight, smaller size, low-profile  and made in the U.S.A. 


Different by Design

Above all, as important as our product is our message: "Different by Design." Not only is our product different, but we strongly believe every person is, too, endowed with a unique qualities and God-given good purpose.  That's a good message for all of us. Believe it!

Advocacy & Inspiration

Both my sons Pierce and Isaac, along with MightyLytes, have been catalysts for so much more. It's been an amazing journey becoming a special needs mom, mompreneur and vocal advocate for the different, disadvantaged or dysfunctional, as well as working moms.  I share our story any chance I get--to encourage, inspire, caution and comfort. You can learn more at www.isabellayosuico.com, connect with me on social media or email me directly.


Please let us know how you're using MightyLytes and how they're helping.  We'd love to hear.



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